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air con condensers

  • Maintain your air con compressor and condenser over winter

    Maintain your air con compressor and condenser over winter

    Just because it's winter it doesn't mean you should not use your air con. You have to run the system to maintain the functionality of your air con compressor (pump) and air con condenser (ac radiator). Why? Good question.

    Why run my AC?

    Like any moving part, especially mechanical ones, they can seize up if not used. Oil needs to circulate, electrics need to work, refrigerant needs to flow. So if the last time you turned on the air con was on a hot summers day 2 months ago then turn it on NOW. You should run the AC for at least 10 minutes a week, regardless of the time of year or temperature. Running your car air conditioning system doesn't only need to be done when it's hot. You can use it to delist the windows very quickly and you can turn the temperature up anyway.

    So if you don't run the air conditioning, come the spring and you find you need to put it on. It might not work. The air con compressor needs to run. The valves need to move, to be lubricated by the oil in the system. The compressor needs to pump refrigerant, and oil round the system lubricating the joints in the pipe, make the air con condenser do its job and keep that lubricated too.

    Get your air con checked.

    Just like your home heating system, now is a good time to get your AC system checked out, have it serviced by a professional vehicle air conditioning company. So when the next hot day comes, it's ready to go, and doesn't pack up when you need it most. Try getting someone to fix it when it's super busy, you'll have to wait, and pay more. So best get it checked and serviced now. I'd recommend a call to our friends at Cool Car, where their fully trained and qualified technicians can assist and visit you at your home or place of work.

    Remember, to maintain your car air conditioning, turn the A/C on, at least once a week for 10 minutes at a time.

  • Almost 50,000 car air conditioning parts available

    Almost 50,000 car air conditioning parts available

    Since 1988 we've been one of the UK's foremost car air conditioning specialists, building now to have almost 50,000 car air conditioning parts available for all types of car makes and models, of all ages, as well as air con parts for trucks and agricultural vehicles.

    All our parts are brand new. We don't sell second hand. Which is why we offer up to 2 years warranty. In stock we have over 8,000 car air con condensers (otherwise  known as air con radiators), almost 12,000 brand new car air con compressors (aircon pumps), as well as over 8,000 receiver driers (accumulators), plus hundreds of aircon consumables, such as oils, uv dyes and o rings. All come with FREE next working day delivery if you spend over £40 and of course our warranty.

    Every part we sell is fully tested before despatch, to ensure that when you receive your order you can install it without any problems. That's why we have a customer review score of 4.9 from almost 1,000 genuine customer reviews from our customers.

    Note that when purchasing a compressor, we often offer 2 versions. The original, which is the same as you get from the main dealer, and a copy. Both of course brand new units with a years warranty. On air con condensers, the majority are aftermarket units, eg purchased from a 3rd party manufacturer but to the genuine OEM (original equipment) specification. We only source high quality condensers to ensure we can offer a 2 year warranty on condensers and maintain our excellent customer service. No cheap Chinese imports here like you see on eBay and other websites. You get what you pay for.

    We're often also asked if we can fit the parts we supply. Yes, we can. We have a growing network of car air conditioning specialists across various parts of the UK who can service, repair, re-charge (regas) your car's air conditioning as well as fit the parts we supply. Check our website at Cool Car to see if we have a specialist near you and contact them directly if you need help. All our technicians are fully qualified air con specialists with the relevant legal qualifications.

    If in doubt about anything, or just have a question, then feel free to call or contact us anytime.


  • All types for car air con condensers in stock

    All types for car air con condensers in stock

    We've been selling car air con condensers now for a very long time, almost 30 years, but now have over 8,000 of them in stock. More than we've ever had before.

    Not only do we sell air con condensers for car air con condensers, we also sell them for agricultural vehicles and trucks too. All of them are brand new, with 2 year warranty and free next working day delivery.

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our air con condensers, which is why we have such a warranty and fully test every unit prior to despatch. This ensures our customers know they can fit the condenser (sometimes knows as the air con radiator) with confidence, and is the reason many or the car warranty companies use our products and recommend us to their customers.

    The air con condenser if you didn't already know is the unit right at the front of the car. You'll see it when you look into the car's grill, often mistaken for the water radiator. Because it's at the front of the car it's prone to stone chips, causing a small hole in the condenser and subsequent leak and loss of refrigerant. That's when you need to replace it.

    Who can replace my condenser?

    We're often asked that. It's not something you can do unless you have the refrigerant removed first, which needs to be done by someone qualified as it's illegal to let the refrigerant out into the atmosphere. So make sure only a qualified A/C specialist removes any refrigerant first then you can remove and re-install the replacement condenser. On some cars it's a simple job; on others it involves removing bumpers and headlights. We'd advise using a certified specialist such as Cool Car if they have a technician near you.

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