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Car Air Con Recharge & Repair

Car Air Conditioning Recharge (Regas), Service, Repair, Parts fitting and Diagnostic

Do you need your car air conditioning recharged? Regassed?

Do you need car air con parts fitted? We can help.

Problems with your aircon?

From our sister website at, we can recharge the air con on your car, diagnose any faults, repair any problems found and provide a full car air conditioning service. What's more, we are mobile, so we come to you at your home or place of work.

Via our growing network of air con specialist, we can provide a huge range or services. All of our technicians are fully trained and qualified in car air conditioning.

  • Aircon Recharge / Regas only £49 
  • Full aircon service including recharge/regas only £59 (see below for full details)

We come to you, no need to drop off cars, arrange lifts or hang around waiting.

Visit us at CoolCarAirCon and book your appointment today

Welcome to Cool Car Air Conditioning Specialists

Nationwide Car Air Conditioning Specialists for over 25 years, and providers of car air conditioning services to the public, trade, local garages and main dealers. 

We cover many areas of the UK, including Brimingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Crewe, Stoke-on-Trent, York, Reading, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, Solihull & Warickshire and much of North and South Staffordshire.

We offer 2 types of service, a recharge/regas from only £49, where we remove the old gas and add new, much like most other recharge and regas services you see.

We also offer a full aircon service from only £59, where we vacuum the system, add new gas to manufacturers specifications, add oil and u/v dye, check for leaks and perform a full diagnostic check pointing out any areas of concern or leaks if found. Note most garages offering a recharge only do not tell you if its leaking, or where the aircon is leaking from. So wasting your money.

  • We can also fit aircon parts bought, or provide them for you.
  • We can diagnose problems and then fix them
  • We can clean your car's aircon system from that horrible smell you get (bacteria can that give you headaches and make you sick)

Call today to request an A/C service at your convenience whether it be home or place of work. No hidden extras and we won't try to sell you tyres, batteries or shock absorbers. Only when we're happy and following a comprehensive diagnosis will we vacuum the A/C system down and recharge it with brand new refrigerant to manufacturers specification.

Note that it is illegal to recharge/regas a leaking A/C system. As an A/C specialist it is imperative to fully check and diagnose an A/C system prior to recharging to specification.

Most garages and high street auto centres will simply hook your vehicle up to a very basic machine which performs the most rudimentary of tests before automatically recycling and topping up the gas.

Simply regassing or topping up a leaking system is not only a complete waste of your time and money, but it also damages the environment and carries a large fine.

No need to find us or arrange dropping off, We'll find you

Visit us at CoolCarAirCon and book your appointment today

Services and products

  • Full air conditioning Service
  • Mobile service, place of Work or Home
  • A/C diagnostics
  • Refrigerant Analysis
  • Pressure Testing
  • Guaranteed A/C Repairs
  • 2 Year warranty on supplied condensers;
  • Fixed price for all cars, no hidden extras
  • We're mobile, We come to you
  • Come to us; only by prior arrangement
  • 1000's of satisfied customers
  • Commercial and Agricultural
  • 10% discount for 2 or more cars
  • R12 to R134A Conversions
  • No exhausts/tyres/batteries Only A/C
  • R1234YF Regassing

Local garages and fast fit centres will have a machine to top up A/C. Whatever they call it (top-up/service costs £35 to £185 depending on location and dealer), none offer the level of expertise that CoolCar can provide.
A good number of our customers have already wasted their money elsewhere and have been told to take it to a specialist. We are that specialist, why bother wasting time and money elsewhere. We don't do anything else, but A/C.

Also, don't waste your money on top-up cans. These can be bought for around £40 plus a £10 deposit on the can when you take it back. Some of our customers experience difficulties with the can, others simply see the gas escape through a leak or the system initially works and then stops after a week or two because of a slow leak. Even when the shop assistant helps they get it wrong and misdiagnose. Some of the cans contain a leak sealant which simply bungs up the system and can cause massive damage often resulting in a system which is then beyond economical repair.

Visit us at CoolCarAirCon and book your appointment today