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Are all your products new?

Yes, we only stock brand new products.

Are there any compressor installation instructions?

Yes, please see our compressor fitting instructions. Full instructions are also included in the box of each unit sold.

Are your online payment methods secure?

Our payment facility is 100% secure using an industry leading payment partner, who use the latest 3D secure technology.

Can I buy just the clutch plate or pulley? Mine is noisy

In short, no. The noisy clutch plate or pulley is a symptom of a problem with the aircon, not the cause. So just changing that will not fix the problem, and will only need replacing again soon after. It maybe that the A/C has a problem, too much pressure, too much or too little oil, not enough gas, blockage, fan not working, faulty pressure switch; any number if things, so without finding the cause of the noisy compressor, and fixing it, simply replacing parts on it will not work long term. Hence we only recommend replacing the complete unit once any problems have been rectified.

Can I open a Trade Account?

Yes, register with the site and we can add discount to your account the more you spend with us, just make sure you use the same account with each order so we know how much discount to apply. Discount starts at 2.5% off our pricies when you spend your first £1000.

Can I return an item I don't want or is wrong?

Yes, of course you can. Full details of our returns policy can be found in our terms and conditions. You can return an unwanted item within 14 days for a full refund provided the item is unused and returned in its original packaging. We realise you may have opened the packaging to inspect the unit but thats OK so long as it's repackaged. We can collect the item for £12 (UK Mainland only) otherwise the return is at your expense. Note that no returns will be accepted without prior authorisation. Please contact us for an RMA number and our returns address prior to the return so we can identify your order. Items that were supplied incorrectly, but no longer required will be refunded in full and collected free of charge if notified within 14 days of order. (UK mainland only, outside of this area you will need to post it back). For warranty claims please see our warranty information.

Do I have to register to pay?

No you don't, your address and delivery details are taken when you make a purchase, and can be saved for future use if you wish.

Do the units come with seals or 'O' rings?

No they don't as the seals are specific to the car and unit, so you would have to get them from the main dealer. However, you can clean them with PAG oil if they're not damaged and put them back.

Do you need our old units back?

No, you can do with them as you please. Your local scrap merchant will pay you cash for your old metal.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship our parts across the World. Many of our destinations are automatically listed when paying online, otherwise, please contact us for shipping charges by completing the 'Contact Us' form or you can find many listed on our shipping page. We can also remove the VAT charge but need to know your company or tax number before shipping.

Do your compressors include the clutch and pulley mechanism as some sites don't?

Yes, our compressors are genuine, brand new main dealer units, the same as they would supply if you went to them yourself, and do come complete with pulley, clutch and pre-filled with oil.

How long does delivery take?

Please see our delivery/shipping section for details, but UK mainland orders are delivered next working day FREE of charge if ordered before 4:30 weekdays.

I cannot find what I need for my car, can you help?

Generally if the item you need is not on the website, we cannot supply it. However, contact us and we can try and source what you need.

My compressor is noisy, what can the problem be?

There are a number of causes, a faulty clutch, no oil in the unit etc. The first step would be to add oil and service the system. Failing that the unit should be replaced. However, please note that you cannot simply remove an old unit, add the new one and regas the system. You MUST first identify why the old unit failed as whatever caused it to fail, WILL cause the replacement to fail also. You should also change the valve and drier, fully flush the system with flushing solution and add the correct amount of oil to the unit before you regas. Failure to do that can cause the new unit to fail as debris in the system if not removed, will clog the new compressor and cause it to fail, and also invalidate the warranty. It's imperitive the correct oil, and quantity is added, otherwise the unit will fail.

Need further help?

Please complete the form on the 'Contact Us' page.

The item I want is out of stock, how often is your stock updated?

Our stock is updated daily, but if you can see the item you want then you can complete the notification reminder for that item on the page, and we'll email you as soon as it becomes available.

There is more than one option for my car, which one do I need?

If our part number is the same and the only difference is a 'P' on the end, (eg 14-9698 and 14-9698P) then the only difference is the more expensive one is an original unit, same as from the main dealer, and the cheaper one is a copy. Either will fit. If the units look different and have completely different part numbers, then check the 'Fits Vehicle' dates for each part with your car and see if that narrows it down, otherwise you will need an original part number and you can then match that with the original part numbers we show for each unit under 'Additional Information'. Failing that and still unsure, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

What is the deadline time for next day delivery?

For next working day, you must order before 4:30pm weekdays.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, plus Amercian Express and PayPal.

What warranty do you supply?

We supply 12 months warranty on all parts supplied, except for condensers, which now receive a 2 year warranty. Please see our 'Terms and Conditions' for full details.

Why are your prices so cheap?

We often get asked this, especially about our compressors where we only sell brand new ones, but most are also original equipment compressors, at hundreds of pounds less than the dealer for exactly the same unit. We can do this as we buy so many, direct from the manufacturer rather than the dealer who has to buy them from their head office and add on a rediculous profit margin for the same part. We pass on our savings to you. We source our products from manufacturers all over the World, rejecting many poor quality suppliers to ensure the best quality products for our customers.