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Over time we will add a selection of useful documents to download

Compressor Installation Guide

Warranty Form

Our AC Consumables Catalogue

Information relating to compressor faults, why they fail, and how to test if it's faulty:

Compressor Test Procedure - How to test a compressor to see if it's failed whilst on the vehicle

Compressor Failure Analysis - Why compressors can fail

Compressor Damper Limiter Failure - Why the pulley can fail and how to check

Common Compressor Installation Problems - Why has it failed and how to fix it

Vehicle Air Conditioning Compact Knowledge Guide - General car air con information guide, thanks to Behr

Refrigerant and Oil Filling Guide:

Car A/C Refrigerant and Oil Filling Quantities, thanks to Behr

User Manuals:

Compressor Test User Manual. Unit sold here