Save 5% off all car air conditioning compressors

For a limited time only we're offering 5% off all car air conditioning compressors, otherwise known as the car aircon pump. Use coupon code 2015COMP03

You may find at this time of year, when the sun is soon to make an appearance and you need your car air-con to be working, that it doesn't. If you've not used the aircon for a few months it may have seized up, often the compressor has been neglected from lack of use (use the aircon 10 mins a week in winter) so the oil in the system has not circulated. We would suggest you get the car air conditioning checked before it gets too warm and busy and you realise it's not working. Our franchisees can do a full A/C check and regas (recharge) and service the car's aircon for you at home or place of work. You can find your nearest technician at

Some may wonder what the compressor actually does. Well in simple terms it pushes the air-con refrigerant around the A/C system. It's driven by the engines drive-belt that so you can sometimes hear a squeal when the compressor is having problems and the belt is not able to make the compressor clutch turn. Without the compressor working, you've no air conditioned air. So make sure the system is maintained as repairs to these units can be expensive though we do offer brand new car air conditioning compressors from only £105.33.

If you need a new compressor, now is the time to get it sorted with the short term discount.